Gourmet Sweets

  • $3.95 Banana Split - What's a banana split without nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry topping it off! We add them (no extra charge) to our delicious blend of chocolate and vanilla soft serve with strawberry, pineapple, chocolate syrup, and a whole banana. We don't monkey around with this popular recipe!
  • $3.75 Turtle Sundae - Our version of a classic. Vanilla soft served layered with delicious hot fudge and caramel toppings, with walnuts, whipped cream and a red cherry!
  • $3.50 Parfait Sundae - An "elegant" look in our tall reusable container filled with layers of goodies in flavors of chocolate and vanilla soft serve, smooth chocolate syrup, crushed pineapple topping, strawberry toppings. Whipped cream and a cherry decorate the top!
  • $3.75 Hot Fudge Cake - A chocolate delight with a chewy brownie cake as foundation for vanilla soft serve, another chewy brownie cake, thick hot fudge, smooth whipped cream, and a red cherry on top!
  • $3.75 Strawberry Shortcake - Strawberries that have been fresh frozen in syrup transform our creamy vanilla soft serve and traditional shortcake into this ever popular all season big treat


  • Blackberry Cobbler, Coconut Meringue, Chocolate Meringue, and Lemon Meringue 
   Call for a complete list of pie or cakes


  • $1.60 Small
  • $1.85 Medium
  • $2.10 Large 

Sundaes (Choose from a multitude of flavors!)

  • $1.90 Small
  • $2.45 Large
  • $3.50 Super

Bulk Soft Serve

  • $3.50 Pints
  • $4.99 Quarts

Flurries (Gallipolis Store Only)

  • $3.75  (Oreo, Butterfinger, Heath, M&M's, Reese Pieces, Strawberry Cheesecake, Kit Kat, Snickers, Cookie Dough)


Milkshakes & Coolers (Total of 25 flavors!)

  • $3.25 Small
  • $4.25 Large 

    Malts  $0.40 extra


  • $1.85 Small
  • $2.40 Large

Pepsi Products, Tea, & Lemonade

  • $1.49 Small
  • $1.64 Medium
  • $1.87 Large
  • $2.10 Jumbo

Hot Drinks

  • $0.99 Coffee
  • $0.99 Hot Tea
  • $1.25 Hot Chocolate


  • $1.25 Milk
  • $1.25 Bottled Water

$1.25 - Bagged Ice